Terms of Reference

Trinity LGBT Staff Network
Terms of Reference

Purpose and Objective

  • The purpose and objective of the Trinity LGBT Staff Network is
  • to facilitate social and professional networking for Trinity LGBT staff,
  • to advocate for and raise awareness of LGBT issues, and
  • to ensure that this is reflected in a positive, inclusive and fulfilling work environment.

The Network will work with University leadership to promote these objectives.
Key Functions of the Network

  • Liaison and collaboration with the University in relation to policy and best practice.
  • Provide social and professional networking opportunities for Trinity LGBT staff
  • Raise awareness on campus in relation to LGBT issues
  • Provide an informal peer support contact point for LGBT staff in relation to LGBT issues at work
  • Ensure and promote Trinity College as an LGBT-inclusive organisation
  • Collaborate with other LGBT networks/employers, and with allies to further the Objectives of the network.

Organisation and Governance
The Trinity LGBT Staff Network will appoint a Committee (of up to seven members) to steer the programme and activities of the network.
The Committee will be convened by Co-Chairpersons of different gender, who will normally share the duties of Chairperson. The Co-Chairpersons will be assisted by a Committee of up to five additional members who in addition to their steering role generally, will also undertake specific roles or activities on behalf of the network.
Formal Recognition and Interaction with the University
The LGBT Staff Network will be formally recognised by the University, through the following measures:

  • Approval of the Network’s terms of reference by the University’s Equality Committee.The Network may be requested to provide input to relevant policy considerations, or to provide an update on its activities to the University’s Equality Committee.
  • Professional administrative and advisory support from the Equality Officer, and the Director of Diversity and Inclusion. The Equality Officer, and Director of Diversity and Inclusion will facilitate collaboration with other University services (e.g. Human Resources) on an ongoing basis as requested.
  • The Executive Officer Group, in consultation with the Network, will appoint one of its members as Executive Sponsor of the Network.
  • The status of the Network will be recognised in College processes (eg staff induction) alongside other similar supports, where appropriate.


  • The University will assist the Network in membership and general communications through provision of a designated University email account and web facilities.
  • Relevant University offices (particularly Equality, and Diversity and Inclusion) will assist the Network in the organisation and promotion of events and activities.
  • The University commits to external memberships (such as GLEN Diversity Champions Programme) and will ensure that the benefits of such memberships are available to the Network.
  • The University will proactively assist the Network with external collaboration and networking where requested/required to do so.
  • The University will provide an annual operating budget to the Network, to be administered through the D&I/Equality Office